Here are some sentences, with words missing. Can you fit the correct "-ing" word in the gaps?

Match each pair, and then click the Check button.
I like _____________ pizza!
I saw my mother _______________. into town yesterday.
She was going to do some ________________
Here is the weather forecast. Tonight will be very cold with _________________ temperatures everywhere.
Yesterday I passed my ______________ test.
I was so excited, I spent yesterday evening ________________ my friends to tell them.
I can't talk to you now. I am _______________ to catch a train.
Kevin is ______________ on the sofa.....
....... _________________ football on the television.
I am _________________ away on holiday next week.
I was ________________ vegetables in my garden........
....but I had to stop when it started ______________________
There was a terrible traffic accident yesterday. It happened while the police were ______________ a gang of criminals.
I am _________________ to you........
....__________________ your advertisement for a new sales manager.
I have been ________________ in sales for the last five years..........
....and I am ___________________ for new opportunities to expand my experience.
Behdad Salimi is the world weight-________________ champion.
I am _______________ house. Maybe Behdad Salimi will come and help me!
I love to hear my mother ________________ the piano.