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Kevin and Joanne get themselves organised

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Kevin and Joanne are sitting in the kitchen. The house is a mess. There is a pile of dirty washing on the floor. They have had take-away pizza for supper because there is no proper food in the house. This is not good, they say to each other. We must get ourselves organised. So they draw up a list of jobs around the house, and agree which of them will do which job. Their conversation went like this.
Joanne: Kevin, you are always leaving things lying on the floor. You can do the tidying.
Kevin: OK, but you must do the washing, because most of the dirty clothes are yours.
Joanne: That’s only because you never change your shirt. But OK, if you do the ironing.
Kevin: Fine. I can do the ironing while watching television.
Joanne: Then the house needs cleaning. I’ll do the dusting if you do the hoovering.
Kevin: The fridge is empty. In fact there is no food in the house at all except one packet of crisps. I’ll do the shopping.
Joanne: OK, but I don’t trust you in a supermarket. I’ll come and do the shopping too. I’ll do the driving.
Kevin: You had better do the cooking. The last time I cooked a meal we had to give most of it to the cat.
Joanne: The cat refused to touch it. But you bake a really nice cake, Kevin. You can do the baking. And the washing-up.
Kevin: The garden is a mess too. I’ll do the gardening.
Joanne: And we need to decorate this room. I’ll do the decorating.
Kevin: It’s a big job. I’ll do the wallpapering if you do the painting.
Joanne: We’ll do them together.
You probably understand by now that this podcast is about the expression “to do” followed by the ”-ing” form of a verb. There is a short exercise which goes with this podcast. If you are listening to this podcast on iTunes, you will need to go to the podcast website to find it.
Picture of washing by Micheo/flickr


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