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..to Listen to English, the podcast website for people learning English.

The podcasts on this site will help you to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation and your listening skills. They are quite short (5 or 6 minutes) and delivered in clearly spoken English. Many of them are linked to grammar and vocabulary notes, or to exercises or quizes.

You can download the podcasts to your computer, or subscribe using iTunes or Yahoo, or listen to them by clicking the Flash player on the web page at the top of each episode. If you like, we can send you an e-mail every time a new podcast goes on air.

You can put the podcasts onto your iPod, Smart Phone or MP3 player, and listen to them on your way to school or work. The full text of each podcast is on this site (and will also appear on your iPod screen), so you can look up the meanings of words that you do not understand in a dictionary. Then close your eyes and listen! Have fun!

We have been making podcasts for English learners since 2006. There are over 200 podcast recordings on this website for you to explore.

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Listen to English podcasts are completely free. The costs of recording and of hosting this website are met by the advertisements in the left-hand side of each webpage. Please support the companies who advertise on Listen to English

Listen to English will disappear from the internet in about April 2016. If you want to listen to any of the podcasts after that date, or use them in teaching, please download them and save them on your computer now.