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How to use this site


Listen to English podcasts can help you to improve your listening and pronunciation skills. Each posting contains the text of the podcast, so you can look up the meanings of any words you do not understand. There is a search box for the Cambridge Advanced Learners' Dictionary at the top left of each podcast webpage. Some podcasts are linked to quizzes or other supporting material. Listen to English podcasts are completely free.

Listening to the podcasts

You can listen to the podcasts from the website by clicking the Flash player at the bottom of each podcast posting. You can download the podcast to your computer by clicking the "Get mp3" link below each posting. If you want to save the file on your computer, you may need to right click on "Get mp3" and select "Save target as..". Below each postng there is also a "Download to your SmartPhone" link. If you click on the link, you will see a barcode. Use the barcode reader on your iPhone or similar SmartPhone to download the podcast to your phone. (Don't have a barcode reader? i-nigma have free barcode readers for many mobile phone models.)

Many listeners subscribe to the podcasts in iTunes or another podcatcher programme. iTunes will automatically look for new podcast episodes so that you can download them to your computer. You can then upload them to your iPod or other mp3 player. Subscriptions to Listen to English are handled by Google FeedBurner. To subscribe, just follow the links and instructions on the subscribe page. You can also subscribe by e-mail - FeedBurner will send you an e-mail whenever there is a new Listen to English podcast.

I can't find the Flash Player

If you see the words "Alternative content" at the bottom of the posting instead of a Flash player, it means either that you do not have Flash installed on your computer or that you do not have JavaScript enabled in your browser. You can download the latest version of Flash from the Adobe website. iPads and iPhones do not support Flash, so you cannot use the Flash player with them.

I can't subscribe in iTunes

Try clicking on "Advanced" in iTunes, select "Subscribe to podcast", and then enter the address of the Listen to English podcast feed, which is http://feeds2.feedburner.com/ListenToEnglish-LearnEnglish.

How to comment on podcasts

Click on "comments" at the bottom of the posting, type in your comment, and send it. You do not have to include an e-mail address, but if you do it means that I can contact you if necessary. Your e-mail address will not appear on the website. Listen to English uses the Akismet system to block spam comments. Very occasionally, Akismet makes a mistake and thinks that a legitimate comment is spam. If this happens to you, , and I will try to rescue your comment and put it on the website.

Finding old podcasts

Click on the archive link at the top of the page. You will find an alphabetical list of all "Listen to English" postings, and a monthly archive. If you click on the RSS symbol beside each month in the monthly archive, you will get an RSS feed for that month's episodes, which you can then subscribe to in iTunes (see above). In addition, there is a search box at the top of each page to help you find the episodes you want.

Other ways to keep in touch

Listen to English has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. News about Listen to English, new postings and podcasts etc will appear in these. There is also a Listen to English page in the social bookmarking service deli.cio.us where I store brief descriptions of podcasts and tags to help you find the podcasts you need.


Listen to English also contains news about learning and teaching English on the web. There is a separate RSS feed for news items. If you know of new developments which you would like me to report, please send me an e-mail.


Listen to English has an arrangement with the British Council to reproduce some of the articles and teaching resources on the Teaching English website. There is a separate RSS feed for 'teaching' postings.

Privacy policy

You can find the Listen to English privacy policy here.

Author and Copyright

Listen to English podcasts are written and produced by Peter Carter, Birmingham, England.

Listen to English podcasts are distributed under a Creative Commons attribution-non-commercial-no-derivatives licence. You are free to use the podcasts as you wish, including syndicating them on another website, provided that

  • the material is attributed to Listen to English and there is a link back to the Listen to English website.
  • you do not sell the podcasts or charge people to listen to them, or charge for the transcripts.
  • you do not change the podcasts in any way

The copyright of items in the teaching category is held by the British Council. You should contact the British Council if you want to reproduce any of these items.

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