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Football Fever

Alternative content

In less than two weeks time, the football World Cup competition begins in Germany. Football fever is already sweeping the country. There are articles in the newspapers and programmes on television. Many people have placed English flags in the windows of their houses, or on their cars. In a month’s time, we will all be very bored with football (unless England win, of course) but for the moment enthusiasm for football is everywhere.
Which team will win? No, I don’t think it will be England. Brazil, perhaps? My son says that Spain look very strong.
Football has its own special words and phrases. There are two expressions which every football fan needs to know. When you are really pleased about something, you say that you are “over the moon”. “So we’re through to the final, and I am over the moon about it”. And if you are really upset or fed up about something, you can say that you are “as sick as a parrot” or that you are “gutted”. “To loose to Borchester in the first round, well – I’m sick as a parrot”. “Our star player was sent off after only three minutes – I’m totally gutted”.
We don’t generally use these expressions except about football. But during the World Cup you can use them as much as you like. When your team wins, you are over the moon. When they lose, you are gutted.


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