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Other Useful Websites

  • The Internet TESL Journal has an extensive database of web resources, including podcasts, for learners and teachers of English. Another useful resource list is at World English.
  • The websites of The British Council, the BBC and the BBC World Service all contain extensive information and links for English language learners
  • English-at-home.com contains useful English language learning material
  • EnglishSpace is a free English language course on the internet. It is aimed particularly at 11 to 16 year old students in the UK, who are often refugees.
  • The Guardian newspaper website contains a useful list of English language resources on the web.
  • Zahra’s English Book is a delightful blog about learning English and the meaning of English words
  • The Poetry Archive contains recordings of poets reading their own poetry. You can listen to the poems while reading the text on screen. There is an onward link to the Children’s Poetry Archive.
  • Introduction to English Podcasts (in Japanese)
  • The dmoz Open Directory Project has a listing of over 1,000 websites related to teaching English as a Second Language
  • IdiotVox contains a useful listing of podcasts of all sorts.
  • Booktrust is an independent national charity that encourages people of all ages and cultures to discover and enjoy reading. This web site provides free resources and recommendations for teachers, librarians and parents about books for young people of all ages.
  • The Podcast Directory for Educators is a directory of podcasts for educational use from 300 podcast channels (including this one!) – ideal for activities with children, young people and educational professionals.
  • Learn-english-today contains many useful resources, notes, exercises and links for English learners.
  • English On-line, compiled by the University of Franche-Comte, has links to interactive exercises and other resources for English learners.
  • Real English contains a large (and probably unique) collection of short videos of people speaking English on the streets of countries throughout the world, many of them with lessons and exercises. Highly recommended.
  • Helping you learn English has a range of useful materials and advice for English learners.